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To see if a book has a quiz:     http://arbookfind.com

To download a reader app (e-book or audiobook) for a device:


Reading e-books, listening to audiobooks, and reading interactive books.

Use Destiny Discover to find digital books that you can keep for up to two weeks. By logging in, you can take digital notes in the books, bookmark them to save your place, and read them on multiple devices. If a book has the “infinity” symbol (a lazy eight), then the book can be checked out by many students at the same time. If a book says “In” or “Out,” it can be checked out by only one student at a time.

  • Username: FirstnameM.Lastname (for example: DebbieJ.Mueller)
  • Password:  password

Destiny Discover’s e-Books & Audiobooks


To access Destiny Discover e-book software, click on the image below. If you have narrowed down your search by genre or by keyword, you can go back again to see the complete collection of e-books, audiobooks, and interactive books by clicking on the “Home” icon in the upper left-hand corner. (refer to picture above).

Click on the image below to access Destiny Discover e-book software.

Destiny Discover e-books, audiobooks, and interactive books


 Download the app

You can download the app for your personal device or home computer so that you can read e-books at home which you’ve checked out under your name. (Username and Password given near the top of this page.)


More information on downloading the app available by clicking on hyperlink below.